The OBJECTIVES of the Club are:-
To encourage the restoration, preservation and use of all models of the following vehicles:- Imperial, Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, Plymouth, Valiant, Maxwell, Fargo, Graham Bros and Jeep.

These vehicles are to be of Australian or North American origin.

To make available to all members a “Roster of Members” and information which would assist members in the preservation and restoration of their vehicles.

Membership to the Club is available to any person who is in sympathy with the objectives of the Club. Owning a Chrysler vehicle is not a prerequisite of membership.

Join the Chrysler Restorers Club Now, by Filling out the Membership Form(in pdf format) and mailing it to:-

Chrysler Restorers Club of Aust [Inc]
134 Queens Road
Canada Bay NSW 2046

Club members enjoy regular outings at least once every month to various points of interest sometimes up to 150 km from Sydney, and when we arrive at the venue we enjoy a B.B.Q lunch cooked on the Clubs B.B.Q trailer

The club produces a very informative bi monthly magazine posted to all members.

This magazine features many articles from our members including projects under restoration and vehicles that have been completed, entitled “In The Beam”.

The magazine is also used by members to buy and sell many cars and parts and to pass on any Technical information.

“Historic Registration” is also available to members for vehicles manufactured prior to 30 years from the current date. These Vehicles must meet the requirements of the N.S.W. Roads and Traffic Authority, and must be used only on “Club” authorised events.

The club also has a well stocked and valuable Library with information available to all members, just contact the Librarian.