Rally FAQ's


What are the dates for the 17 th National Chrysler Rally?
The Rally commences on Sunday 28 September 2025 and finishes at the Presentation Dinner held in the evening on Saturday 4 October 2025.

When will entries for the 17 th National Chrysler Rally open?
During August 2024.

When will entries for the 17 th National Chrysler Rally close?
11 April 2025.

Can I book my accommodation in Griffith any time now?
Yes. As the Rally is during School Holidays and there are many events around the same
time in the Riverina area, it is best to book ahead. Information on accommodation options
can be found on the Accommodation page or Stay - Visit Griffith.

What dates should I book my accommodation?
The dates relevant to the Rally are check in Sunday 28 September 2025 and check out
Sunday 5 October 2025.

What happens on Sunday 28 September 2025?
Sunday 28 September 2025 is Registration Day, where on arrival you will receive your rally
pack that includes full details of the events over the week.
Registration will be open between 10:30am and 4:00pm and there will be tea, coffee and a
treat to eat for all entrants.
Sunday evening there will be a complimentary welcome dinner for all entrants.

When will further information about the Rally be communicated?
Following the close of entries, entrants will receive more specific event information that
provides high level information about the Daily Runs, catering for lunches and dinners
(optional), Display Day, Presentation Dinner and merchandise.
Also, more information will be provided about activities to do around the area to do at your